What our clients say

Support Agency - outsourced implementations (State & National Government programs)

CEO: I would thoroughly recommend using SGM services by an organisation considering changing their current Grants Management System to SmartyGrants.  Lesley’s work process commenced with an analysis of our existing system to thoroughly understand our needs, clients and system flow before embarking on the design for SmartyGrants. This was a complex process with multiple stakeholders. Lesley kept us informed throughout the process, held regular meetings with clear agendas, documented every step and was worth every cent of her fee in terms of  time saved and the final result. She made a task in which we were unskilled seem easy and she was a pleasure to work with.

Funding Manager: Activities and deliverables exceeded my expectations in all aspects of the delivery of services; Lesley was always available to contact, the scope of works, and timeline were always clear and everything was delivered on time (or if extenuating circumstances meant deadlines couldn’t be met, Lesley was very clear about this and always let us know where we stood).

The outcome; Round open in SmartyGrants with working application form and workable process to deliver grant round - I am extremely happy with this!  I feel what we ended up with has gone beyond my expectations.

Skilled, knowledgeable and reliable service.  Lesley gave us a pathway to move forward and achieve our aims; we would not have been able to so easily navigate moving onto SmartyGrants without her knowledge, nor would we have ended up with such a well worked system; application form, acquittal form etc.  The benefit is to our stakeholders who get to apply through a user-friendly form, and to us having a manageable work flow and knowing that we will be able to extract the information we need.

I would highly recommend SGM to any business looking for support in grants management, especially in the use of the SmartyGrants system.

VIC Government Agency - supported implementation

Both forms were successfully released with very positive feedback from clients. Particularly about the easy way to navigate around the form and with the development of the different stages, can easily identify where their application is sitting. Outstanding delivery of complex issues in a limited timeframe. Saved me more than 10 days learning about SmartyGrants and setting it up.

National Body - supported implementation of national forms and standards

Lesley’s patience and availability were outstanding and definitely exceeded my expectations. The expertise meant that we short cut a lot of working out how to do things and got straight into the processes.

NSW Government Agency - supported implementation

Lesley has consistently exceeded scope of works requirements and expectations. Lesley is always available to provide advice and does so promptly and accurately. Her thorough knowledge and experience in the SmartyGrants environment enables a much more efficient implementation process.

Corporate - tailored training with development of a model application form

SGM’s Lesley Cooper has expert knowledge in the administration of SmartyGrants. With this expertise Lesley tailored a training package to suit my specific training needs. The training day was well planned and prepared for, allowing for a very productive six hours of one-on-one training.

NSW Government Agency - outsourced implementation

Our office was given a small window of six weeks to launch a significant grant program. The grant included two streams, a second round of a previously funded grant and a new stream of funding which required full development of program guidelines, application questions and assessment criteria and processes.

In addition to this tight deadline, senior executives expressed an interest in using an online grant management tool, a first for the department.

Lesley Cooper from Streamlined Grants Management was recommended to us by another agency to assist in the uptake of SmartyGrants to manage our grant program online. Lesley was able to meet with us and immediately began to demystify the requirements and process of moving from a manual system to an online grants management system.

Lesley has been instrumental in ensuring we were able to launch the funds through SmartyGrants on time and leverage the tools and functions available through the system to maximise our efficiency and resources by automating processes where possible, building reports to assist in assessing applications and reporting on the program, streamlining the assessment process and ensuring we had a strong, rigorous and transparent program.

I highly recommend Lesley and Streamlined Grants Management Services.  Key highlights of working with Lesley included:

  • Availability - Lesley was immediately available to assist us in developing our program within the SmartyGrants system, often working outside of business hours, weekends and holidays to ensure we met our milestones.

  • Maximised use of system – Lesley brought experience of the SmartyGrants system and was able to take advantage of tools and functions within the system to streamline processes.

  • Advice and direction – Lesley provided clear advice at our own knowledge levels to ensure we understood how to use the system. Lesley was conscious of our timeline needs and providing direction on what we needed within SmartyGrants to support the timeline.

  • Transfer of knowledge – Lesley prepared step-by-step presentations and guides to assist us in updating SmartyGrants for this fund and to develop future programs in the system ourselves in the future.

  • Proactive progress reports – Lesley proactively provided status updates on the progress of content development and tracking against contract milestones.