How we help grantmakers already using SmartyGrants

       ''We don't know what we don't know'' - if you've ever thought this, we can help

The situation:

Many organisations implement SmartyGrants with busy teams who have a grants program and perhaps other responsibilities as well. They may start with the basic functionality to get going – usually an application form and assessments. Some organisations have been using SmartyGrants for years and have not taken advantage of the new functionality that is continuously added to the system. Both of these situations can leave a wealth of features and functionality unused.


We see organisations:

  • using manual spreadsheets to do administration tasks that can be done in SmartyGrants,

  • not using functionality that could increase efficiency and simplify processes for applicants and themselves,

  • unable to get the information they need because it has not been captured correctly in the online forms.


How we can help:


We can ‘’audit’’ your SmartyGrants account to see if there are features and functionality you aren’t using and walk through the findings with you so that you can decide what value you would get from using them. We take the time to understand your program and reporting requirements, so that we can tailor the walk through to your needs and identify how to set the system up to deliver the information you need to report on.

We can provide targeted one-on-one training tailored to your program to help you utilise more functionality and/or bring new staff members up to speed with your SmartyGrants implementation.

Our clients say it best

Lesley brought experience of SmartyGrants and was able to take advantage of tools and functions within the system to streamline processes.

The benefit is to our stakeholders who get to apply through a user-friendly form, and to us having a manageable work flow and knowing that we will be able to extract the information we need.

Lesley knows SmartyGrants inside out and is able to share her knowledge in an easy way for us to utilise.

SGM’s Lesley Cooper has expert knowledge in the administration of SmartyGrants. With this expertise Lesley tailored a training package to suit my specific training needs. The training day was well planned and prepared for, allowing for a very productive six hours of one-on-one training.