Is this for me?

How does SGM's consulting work? What is the cost?

What type of organisations use SGM's consulting services?

Every SmartyGrants consulting engagement we do is different, tailored to the client’s needs and budget. Engagements range from days to months, starting from a few thousand dollars.

After you contact us we will ask for some information about your business, your grants program and the help you are seeking. We usually have a phone call and a meeting to decide together the approach that will work best for you. We generally require administrator access to your SmartyGrants account and we create a designated email address for this. We let you know if we don't think we can help you.

After agreeing on an approach, we provide a proposal detailing exactly what we will deliver for a fixed price and timeline, for your review. Wherever practical we break the project down into stages to enable you to determine your consulting needs one step at a time, to minimise your commitment and risk.

Our services suit all grantmaking organisations and our clients have included: Government Agencies (including organisations running programs on behalf of Government), Not-for-profits and Corporate foundations. They consistently find that the value they derive more than justifies the cost, in terms of time savings and benefits gained from taking full advantage of SmartyGrants functionality.

Feel free to contact us to find out if SGM SmartyGrants Consulting is for you.

Our clients say it best

Lesley was worth every cent of her fee in terms of  time saved and the final result.

Having SGM create the first application form has saved us weeks.

Saved us 100s of hours.

Saved weeks learning SmartyGrants and weeks setting it up.

Saved me about 4-8 weeks in learning SmartyGrants and 4 weeks in evaluating it.