How we help grantmakers implement SmartyGrants

SmartyGrants has a wealth of online materials and face to face training options, and some organisations choose a ‘’DIY’’ (do-it-yourself) SmartyGrants implementation. But for those organisations whose grants team does not have online system implementation experience, or time to learn the ins and outs of how to best design SmartyGrants for their grants program, SGM’s expertise can save a lot of time and help set up SmartyGrants to make optimum use of its end-to-end functionality.

We work collaboratively with you, mapping your processes to SmartyGrants, and working through the business decisions that need to be made in the setup of SmartyGrants. We provide options, suggestions, implications and examples tailored to your program – you make all the decisions.

We assist as little or as much as you need, transferring SmartyGrants knowledge & skills to you along the way:

  • we can help to get you started,

  • we can guide and support you in your implementation, or

  • we can do the setup for you.

Our clients say it best


The expertise meant that we short cut a lot of working out how to do things and got straight into the processes.

Lesley immediately began to demystify the requirements and process of moving from a manual system to an online grants management system.

Establishing a new program on SmartyGrants with zero knowledge would not have been possible without SGM’s input and guidance.

Outstanding delivery of complex issues in a limited timeframe. Saved me more than 10 days learning about SmartyGrants and setting it up.

Having SGM create the first application forms has saved us weeks – invaluable in developing our application form within a short timeframe.

SGM has helped significantly. Not only the knowledge of SmartyGrants but in questioning/challenging our thinking and adding lots of value.

Helped broaden our thinking on the application form and gave client perspectives that we might not have thought of.

Great to have our ‘hands held’ during the initial learnings.… The step by step guides are really helpful.