We have over 18 years experience consulting to Government Agencies, including 8 years on a cross-government system

We are a Registered and Advanced Registered Supplier on the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme

We welcome enquiries to discuss your whole-of-government or cross-government initiative

What our clients say


Lesley immediately began to demystify the requirements and process of moving from a manual system to an online grants management system

Lesley was worth every cent of her fee in terms of  time saved and the final result

Having SGM create the first application form has saved us weeks

Is this for me?


How does SGM's SmartyGrants consulting work?

What is the cost?

What types of organisations are SGM's SmartyGrants consulting services designed for? 

Streamlining grants management across Australia - international clients welcome
SmartyGrants consulting


Our SmartyGrants consulting services save you time and help you get maximum benefit from SmartyGrants whether you are:

  • new to SmartyGrants

  • or already using SmartyGrants

If you are looking for an online grants management system, we can fast track your evaluation

Who we are

Streamlined Grants Management (SGM) is an independent preferred supplier of SmartyGrants consulting services.

Based in Sydney, we offer our services throughout Australia and welcome international clients.

Streamlined Grants Management is a division of Composite Information which has been providing niche business/system consulting services for over 18 years, helping organisations design, develop and implement quality system solutions using innovative project practices.

We have been implementing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for over 9 years and have developed a project framework specifically for SaaS implementations, which we use in our SmartyGrants consulting.

All work is planned, managed and delivered by Lesley Cooper, principal consultant. Lesley is supported by a small team who assist with administration and testing.


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